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I'm Andre Donk, a private pilot since 1998, and developing web- and windows Geo-applications for quite some time.
When scrolling through hundreds of notams when planning a flight, most of them irrelavant for the flight at hand, I started to think of a better way to get the relevant notams.

There are some websites where you can query a notam database, based on your planned flightpath and receive a better selection of notams for your flight. However, when you wish to view not only notams belonging to airfields you 'pass' but all relevant notams from the FIR you are flying in, you still receive a lot of notams to read through.
Furthermore, for notams not pertaining to an airfield, their location is described in the notam text by a city or town near by or just by geographic coordinates. This doesn't help in selecting the notams for your flight...
Especially when flying abroad, through several FIRs, where you don't know the cities, the task of selecting the relevant notams takes a lot of time.

So, I developed this site, where notams are selected depending on planned departure, destination (and possibly some waypoints), departure date, flightlevels, and type of flight (VFR/IFR). Besides the notam text, these selected notams are shown on a map, making it much easier to see which notams may be relevant for your flight.

I hope you find this site as useful as I do.
For questions, comments, error-reporting, requests for new features etc. you can contact me at: