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Notam Map

Fill in the details of your planned flight.
Only those notams will be selected that are valid for the period, level, type of flight etc. you specify, and will result in a smaller number of notams to check.
This site will show the location of the selected notams on a map for a quick overview.
Geographical areas described in notams by coordinates are also plotted on the map.
Icao codes of your route
from     to     to   to   to  
departure (utc) dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm arrival (utc) dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm
between FL and FL    
Half width of flightpath (nm)


At this moment FIR notams are not displayed correctly. Most of them are not displayed at all.
The reason lies with the notamprovider I'm using. So, for now don't trust that you've retrieved all relevant notams.
As soon as it's fixed I'll let you know.

KML Export: the selected notams for your flight having a geographical area, can now be exported to KML (a geographic exchange format).
When hitting the 'Export to KML' button on the map page, a KML file is downloaded.
This file can be opened in other applications like ForeFlight. When importing the file in ForeFlight, an extra layer will be shown with the plotted notam geographical areas as well as a clickable placemark belonging to such an area.
By clicking or touching the placemark, the notam text can be seen in a popup.

example map showing notams